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2021 Ducker Research & Consulting Virtual Food Drive

About Ducker

Today, Ducker serves corporate and financial clients with bespoke market research, consulting and M&A transaction support services. The firm focuses on a variety of global industry sectors where business dynamics, supply chains, competitive landscapes and customer demands are complex. Ducker’s professional team of researchers, analysts, engagement managers and principals understand these complexities, and when combined with proven research and analytical methodologies, Ducker teams deliver unparalleled insights to drive business decisions and exceptional business outcomes.


About Ducker Diversity Council

The Ducker Diversity Council aims to advance diversity and inclusion by transforming our work place into an inclusive environment where individuals are valued for their talents and empowered to reach their fullest potential. Our committee is a group of diverse work colleagues tasked with sharing opportunities to gain knowledge and become more aware of cultural differences, work toward diversity in our work force and provide opportunities to get involved in our diverse community.

2021 Ducker Research & Consulting Virtual Food Drive
This fundraiser ended December 31, 2021.
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